Newly opened adventure park

One of the largest adventure parks in Romania, part of leisure complex Arsenal Park in Orastie, was recently inaugurated. The setup of the adventure park as well as for a children’s playground is part of a larger project which is currently underway, which also includes bike tracks, zip lines, skating rink, skate park, an equestrian center, a SPA center and an aquapark.

The new Aventura Park Arsenal has six climbing trails of various difficulties that go from 3 meters high up to 30 meters high. Safety equipment is mandatory for those who want to climb the trails. The park is open each day between 10:00 and 20:00 and fees range from RON 30 to RON 40 (EUR 6.8-9.1) for three hours of outdoor activities. The playground can take in 300 children at once.

Arsenal Park is a leisure complex which can accommodate 200 tourists. It offers various activities, such as military instruction, airsoft and paintball, but also shooting and archery lessons, and all sorts of leisure vehicles (bikes, golf cars, go-kart bikes, Segway and even military vehicles. The park spans on an 88 hectare land and is also an outdoor military museum, featuring cannons, tanks, military trucks, planes and helicopters.