Nine beer places in Bucharest

Drinking beer is one of the favorite past times in Romania. Mix that with watching football, and you have a better understanding of what Romanian (men) like to do in their free time. Now that the World Cup is ongoing, this trend is more visible than ever. We know, we’re generalizing, but one must admit: beer is popular (and cheap) in Romania.

The Old Town is one of the main destinations for beer sessions in Bucharest (and for watching football too). Below are a few choices of places where one can enjoy a beer in the Romanian capital’s old district (in a random order).

Disclaimer: We’re not saying these are the only places where one can drink beer in the Old Town, all the pubs, bars, cafes, clubs there serve beer.

Beraria Hanul cu Tei

A beer house (this is what the Romanian word berarie means) that bears the name of a former inn in the Old Town. It is located inside the Hanul cu Tei passage (in fact an interior court), between the streets Blanari and Lipscani. Huge place, nice design, popular for events and for watching football matches (the owner is former Romanian footballer Ilie Dumitrescu).

Caru’ cu Bere

This restaurant is famous mostly among tourists, but also among Romanians. Housed in a historic building, it serves good Romanian food, large portions, and plenty of beer. It goes help to have the word beer (in Romanian BERE) in the restaurant’s name. They also serve a beer of the house. Located on Stavropoleus St.


This was opened in 2013, and hosts a large beer place downstairs, as well as a brasserie on the ground floor. The place has massive oak tables, of course lots of beer, and live music. It has been recommended to us by friends. Located on Selari Street.

Curtea Berarilor

Another one with the word beer / brewers (in Romanian, berari) in its name, this place is also a restaurant. Big place both indoors and outdoors, large portions of food, and beer by the meter. Located on Selari Street.

Club A

This club, famous among several generations of students, now also has a terrace, and is known for its cheap beer. Not a beer place per say, but a place chosen by many for its cheap drinks, and its good music. Located on Blanari Street.


Another very popular place for its cheap beer, just across the street from Club A. And just like Club A, Argentin is one of the oldest places in Bucharest’s Old Town. A classic as they say. Located on Blanari Street.

La 100 de Beri

Again a place betting on the word beers (beri) in its name, this time with an addition, the 100. They do have more than 100 beers on offer, indeed, Romanian and foreign ones, some with names impossible to pronounce. They also sell a minibarrel of 5 liters of beer! Located on Covaci Street.

Beer O’Clock

No confusion here: this place surely serves beer, round the clock. Lots of beers on offer, from around the world, and two locations: one on Gabroveni Street, and the other one in the Maca Vilacrosse passage, near Calea Victoriei.


Oktoberfest has two locations in the Old Town, and lots of space in both. The one on Selari street is open non-stop, while the one on Franceza street is open (just) 21 hours a day. The latter has 500 seats, and is located on three floors. It has 12 large diagonal TVs for watching sports games. Here beer comes in unexpected…formats: beer by the meter, by the bucket, bottle or barrel, among others.