Parking is one of the major problems in Bucharest. You’ll almost always have trouble finding a parking place, both in the city center and in residential areas. Usually, there are paid parking lots in the center with prices ranging from RON 1.5-3 per hour. In 2010, the state internalised the management of certain car parks. Traffic Wardens will present you with a ticket noting your hour of arrival, so you will know how much to pay. Be aware that shady looking people might ask you for parking tickets: try to always make sure they give you a receipt and are wearing an uniform. Driving Drivers in Bucharest are sometimes a threat. The “dangerous drivers” category can include anyone and everyone. It is a good idea to avoid the main boulevards during rush hours and take secondary routes; they are often less crowded. Another thing you should keep in mind is that “Road Rage” is common in Romania: you might have people wave their fist or yell at you if they feel you did something wrong. You can apologize (if you made a mistake), but do not stop for an argument! Unfortunately, the difficulties with driving do not stop at the city limits either. Driving from one city or county to another can be equally dangerous and frustrating. You will see people doing things on the road that you would only see in movies elsewhere. From passing on dangerous bends, to cutting you up in the middle of a rainstorm while driving at 120 km / hour, you must expect the worst. Our advice is to stay calm, and be a very defensive driver. Be very aggressive (passing and keeping your lane) only when you absolutely must. Eventually, you may start to feel right at home on the roads, only to terrify your friends and family when you go back to your home country!


Hint! If you hear many cars honking, it is either a traffic jam or a funeral. Yes that’s right. In Bucharest and some parts of Romania this is a tradition. People may also beep their horns for weddings (as in Western Europe), but it is more commonly used for funerals in Romania.