Pay road taxes online

Scala Assistance company sells online rovignettes (road tax) for Romania by website and for Hungary on All certificates purchased through these websites are delivered electronically with no postage taxes.

The website also provides information on taxes for using Romanian national road network, legislation and other daily updated information.

The system is easy to use and is the same for individuals or businesses. For legal entities, however, is easier if you sign a cooperation agreement. Thus, the ordering part as well as the payment is easier.

Regarding any police controls, drivers who own electronic rovignettes can sit calmly, as the only thing they need to have on them is a document that certifies the payment.

The price is legally regulated and is the same as if you buy it from gas stations or post office, with no commission and no hidden extra costs. Electronic vignettes can be purchased by debit or credit cards, and by bank transfer or internet banking. Issuing and sending the electronic vignette happens after online payment is confirmed by e-mail.

The invoice along with the electronic vignette will be received on e-mail. If it’s not issued in a timely manner, Scala Assistance will assume responsibility and pay any fines.

More information can be found here. The website is available in more languages.