Muzeul de Pânze şi Poveşti/ The Museum of Fabrics and Stories, Făgăraş

The Museum of Fabrics and Stories is a virtual museum and a real house, opened during workshops organized here. Alina Zara, the one who opened it, decided to return to her grandmother’s village, Mândra, and continue her work. It is mainly a collection of traditional costumes and weaved objects, celebrating Romanian folk art but they also started holding weaving workshops. Last year, the products made in their workshops by locals reached Romanians all over the world. Those who want to visit the little museum at no. 137 in Mândra, Făgăraş (Transylvania), should mail them in advance to make sure they drop by during visiting hours.

Email:  [email protected]



Moara de Hârtie/ The Paper Mill, Comana

The Dealul Morii (the Mill Hill) in Comana hosts a museum-workshop, a living story of past times, with printing and bookbinding equipment, rare engravings and old prints. Here, visitors can experience making their own artisan paper, calligraphy, bookbinding, manual printing or painting. The place is about 30 km away from Bucharest, at 279 Funieru Street in Comana. Visitors arriving by car from Bucharest can choose from a short route or a long one.


Satul Meşteşugarilor/ The Village of Craftsmen, Comana

This is a project merely started, planned to develop in 2015. Set up within the Comana Natural Reservation near Bucharest, the Village of Craftsmen brings back to life the forgotten world of the village life. This where both adults and kids can learn from craftsmen how the wood is crafted, how iron is modeled by blacksmiths, how to make objects out of reed, the secrets of pottery, weaving, processing fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs.

For more details on the Paper Mill and the Village of Craftsmen, you can write or phone the team at [email protected] or +40246 283 399, +40743 266 262.



Casa Maramureşană/ The Maramureş House, Remecioara

Only last year, the National Geographic magazine ranked Maramureş as one of the 20 must-visit places in the world in 2015, so this is clearly worth visiting. A physics professor, his wife, a notary, an architect and a painter set out to save old houses in Maramureş, a Transylvanian region still rich in cultural heritage. The initiative looks at houses threatened by brutal modernization, a common phenomenon in Romanian villages. For now, the Maramureş House consists of a reconditioned old house and shed hosting cultural events, but there are plans for reconditioning other traditional households in the county.

Address: Remecioara, Remetea Chioarului locality, Maramureş (Transylvania)