Metrorex manages the subway network and the system operates between 05:00 and 23:30 daily. There are five lines: M1, M2, M3, M4, and M5, and the most frequently used is the north-south M2.

Some of the most crowded metro stations – especially in the morning and in the afternoon, are Unirii, Universitate and Victoriei, but are also good meeting places.

Ten journey cards with Metrorex cost RON 15, while the monthly pass with 62 journeys costs RON 50. The monthly pass with unlimited trips is RON 60, while the weekly pass – also with unlimited trips – is RON 20. All these are paper cards. You can also use the bus plastic card if you have money on it. You can buy paper tickets from the operator at the metro station or from one of the 35 automatic vending machines installed across Bucharest. Two journey cards are RON 4.

You can also text your way into the subway system. Vodafone customers should text to 7477 for one trip – EUR 0.5 plus VAT, two trips – SMS 7492, for EUR 0.9 – without VAT. For ten trips, Vodafone customers can text a message to 7490, and will pay EUR 2.2 – excluding VAT.


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