Swimming pools in Bucharest

The hot Bucharest summer begs for cooling in the pool, and there are a few places in Bucharest where one can cool down and swim at the same time.

Firstly, some of Bucharest’s hotels have pools which are open for guests outside the hotel. We would mention the World Class at JW Marriott and Radisson Blu, the pools at the Intercontinental and the Athenee Palace Hilton.

There are also several sports clubs which include pools: Pescariu Health and Spa (3 Glodeni St.), Club Triumf (2 Primo Nebiolo St.), Complex Sportiv 2000 (3-11 Gabriela Szabo St. – Militari neighborhood), Floreasca club (1 Mircea Eliade St.), Lia Manoliu National Sports Center(37-39 Basarabia Blvd.), Daimon Sport Club (10 Picsului St. in Tineretului park) plus several places which combine lounge/city beach and a pool: the Apa Nova pool (9 Tarmului St.), La Plage (26-30 Odai St., Otopeni, near Bucharest), Player Summer Club (5 Primo Nebiolo St.

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