Wine region Dealu Mare

Dealu Mare is one of the most beautiful wine-growing districts in Romania and said to be the “Tuscany” of Romania. Indeed, it is situated on the same latitude as Northern Italy,  but  tourism  is  still  largely  undeveloped.  A  cultural place  with  excellent  wines  from  sunny  south  facing  hills and more than 3.000 years of settlement history. Thracians, Dacians and Romans left their traces everywhere. Places to visit: Stone church and open air sculpture camp at Năeni (with a spectacular panoramic view), vineyards at Pietroasele, Fințești, and Săhăteni.
Special  recommendation:  A  cycling  tour  through  the vineyards.   Information   about   the   Dealu   Mare   Cycling Route can be found on

Access: Dealu Mare extends to around 60 km northwards of the DN 1B between Ploiești and Buzău. The best way to discover it is to leave the national road and take one of the several small parallel roads that lead through the vineyards.