Bustling Bucharest – Home Away From Home

Bustling Bucharest – Home Away From Home
By Alvin Bowden

The capital of Romania – Bucharest – is an exciting and ever-evolving enclave, where locals and tourists can enjoy the old and the new at the same time.

Transylvania is home to the world’s most intriguing mediaeval towns!

Romania is not what it used to be, and that’s a welcome change for everyone. The era of modernisation has dawned and mediaeval towns now showcase exciting modern developments in an eclectic fusion of sorts. I’ve been travelling throughout Transylvania for several years, and my fascination with this culturally rich region continues to overwhelm me. The infusion of European Union investment into Romania can easily be seen in the increasing modernisation that is taking place around the region. In spite of these development initiatives, it’s still possible to saunter into Ceausescu’s posh palace, along with scores of other relics from the Communist era. Don’t forget the iconic Transylvanian churches, monasteries and boutique hotels. I prefer the lower-cost lodgings as opposed to the inner city upscale hotels.

Touring throughout the region is a blessing to behold. You could for example traverse the Transylvanian Alps and enjoy the Carpathian Mountains, where plenty of hiking, and outdoor adventures are waiting to be had. I recall having spent a considerable amount of time in Romanian castles. These are the stuff of legend, and haunting images of Dracula and his witches still fill my mind to this very day. I recommend the quaint Transylvanian towns, including the cobbled city Brasov, or perhaps Sibiu as eye-opening encounters of the ‘real’ Romania. Whatever your fancy, it’s nice to know that you’re never too far away from modern-day life. After all this walking, blistered feet and all, perhaps I can employ some slots strategy in my casino games to pay for the next day’s sightseeing in beautiful Romania!