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Restaurant Review: Ici et La

By Richard Fox, guest writer If you are looking for good French cuisine in Bucharest then Ici et La will fit the bill. Opened two and a half years ago in Piata Romana by French owner and Chef Philippe Dupre, this seventy- seater restaurant offers a very comfortable environment in which to enjoy the culinary delights served up by Monsieur Dupre. The interior is fitted in a modern style without fuss. The food is high quality cuisine, with a menu offering a wide selection of classic French dishes with regional tastes that are inspired by a Chef whose roots are from Lyon. The menu card is presented alongside a suggestions board, all written in French. Favourite dishes would include the Terrine de Foie Gras and the Escargots. It would have to be said that the Steak Tartare is the best in town! The menu prices are all very reasonable and include the wine. The wine list is made up of half Romanian and half French, giving a good balance and offering a cross section of wine styles. The lunch time menu is served between 12 noon and 3pm, 2 courses for 30 Ron representing excellent value. Philippe Dupre also offers outside catering for parties and corporate functions. Beaujolais Nouveau day is only a few weeks away, so Ici et La will be hosting an evening to celebrate the occasion with a set menu including wine. Be assured that the food at least will be good! Address: 43 Mendeleev St., Romana Square Phone: +40 731 453 608 Web: source:

Palm Sunday in Romania

Palm Sunday or Florii (In Romanian) is a Christian tradition that always takes place on the Sunday before Easter.

Floriile or Duminica Floriilor (the Palm Sunday) is celebrated by all Romanians, and it announces the beginning of Easter cycle, which ends with the Ascension of Jesus (40 days after Easter).  Jesus is welcomed with a lot of flowers and cheers while enters Jerusalim. Palm Sunday is both a celebration in which the pre-Christian and Christian elements combine happily, resulting beautiful customs and traditions. It is one of the Twelve Great Feasts of the liturgical year, and is the beginning of Holy Week.

The name of the feast in Romanian (Florii) comes from the Roman goddess Flora. The green branches called ‘mâţişori’ (kitties) are used as a ritual which embodies the symbol of chastity and the annual rebirth of vegetation. The day before people gather willow branches, they tie them in bundles and go to church to be sanctified by a priest. After sanctification the ‘mâţişori’ are taken home to adorn with the icons, windows, doors, entrances to sheds or to put in wells and the eaves of houses. The women stick them on newly seeded layers, put them into animal feed or on the graves.

Also, on this day, all who bear a flower name are celebrating their name-day.

Global Mobility being effective across cultures

By Ximena Reyes

International Assignees, multinational managers, people working with remote teams are being put to the test on a daily basis. Their cultural adaptability, their ability to understand, are key factors for the smooth running of international business.

Understanding how our behavior and actions are perceived by those we interact with, it requires to identify strengths and perspectives as well as being able to manage complexity.

A multi-national work is no longer just about the task itself or a matter of expertize but about the resilience to adjust and to actively look for opportunities to understand current events, mindset and priorities, in the host country.

It also requires the adequate support of the Human resources department that provides the expatriates with counseling or training opportunities and information.

At City Compass intercultural consulting we make a priority to facilitate the adaptation of expatriates and provide with training and information that enables their effectiveness.

If you would like to know more contact [email protected]

Restaurant review: Madame Pogany

By Richard Fox, guest writer

Located near the Floreasca farmers market, on the ground floor under the large office building at 40 Str. Banu Antonache, madame Pogany is bar and restaurant fitted throughout with natural, light colored, wooden flooring giving the space a bright and open feel. It is open daily from 9am, the kitchen closing at 12 midnight and provides a very comfortable environment to be in at any time of the day.

The space is divided into 3 main areas: the restaurant with seating for around 80, the bar area serving very good Tapas and a large terrace outside.

The tables and bench seating on the terrace are all created from the wooden decking as used in the floor, a modern and functional design. The food in the restaurant is an international mix with a wide variety of choice, described by Razvan the General Manager as his ”urban kitchen”. My regular choice has become the Asian Chicken dish, very tasty and reasonably priced at 30 Ron. The seared fresh Tuna cooked rare is also a favourite. The staff are very friendly and attentive and it is true to say “service with a smile”.


Madame Pogany also offers a variety of regular weekly events, from Wine and Whisky tastings to bar tending courses. Live Jazz is played on Friday nights and the DJ operates on Saturday nights until late.

We have here a good environment to meet and discuss business or pleasure over a coffee, a glass of wine, lunch or dinner.

ADDRESS: Str. Banu Antonache 40-44, Floreasca


Phone: 0743 661 782


Restaurant review: Collage restaurant

By Richard Fox, guest writer

Collage is an interesting and high-end restaurant, an art gallery lounge with a retro design which becomes a cafe restaurant and music venue after dark. Then a wine tasting room in the cellar, with a fine Whisky, Cognac and Cigar bar up stairs. All things to all people, you might say! I embarked on the full-guided tour for research purposes, including the kitchen, which was very impressive.

We had dinner in the lounge bar area and the food was excellent. The head Chef is Italian and creates what I would describe as modern European cuisine. Innovative dishes, excellent presentation, very tasty. The menu in the main restaurant is similar to that of the lounge with some small variations. The main restaurant would perhaps suit a more formal occasion or a business dinner, it has seating for around 50 with some private areas that can be reserved.


With the four separate areas this venue does offer flexibility and can provide many things to many people from morning until night. Collage opens for breakfast from 8am, offers a business lunch menu from 11.30am till 3pm, then dinner. The restaurant closes at midnight, although the party goes well beyond. Menu prices at the upper end of the Bucharest price scale but in keeping with the surroundings.


The service was very attentive, first experience very good so definitely going back for more research.

Collage restaurant is placed on 10-12 Mihalache Blvd, near Victoriei Square.

Reservations ca be made by calling  0758 10 10 40. More info on their website.

History of Romanians book launched in Bucharest

An English translation of Neagu Djuvara’s A Brief Illustrated History of Romanians, was launched on Thursday, April 3 at the Humanitas Cismigiu Bookstore in Bucharest.

Speakers at the event where His Excellency Martin Harris, Ambassador of Great Britain, His Excellency Gerard Corr, Ambassador of Ireland, Neagu Djuvara and Cristian Anton, the translator of the book.

The 352-page book is priced at RON 69 and can be purchased online from Humanitas’ website.

“This translation has begun as a personal endeavor, started from my desire to offer my wife, who is Polish and doesn’t speak our language, the chance to read a book about the history of Romanians, that is easily approachable and sincere – and I am still amazed at seeing this book now,” said Cristian Anton.

Neagu Djuvara, 97, is a Romanian historian, essayist, philosopher, journalist, novelist and diplomat.