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City Compass Romania: Bucharest & Beyond, 2016 edition [PHOTOS]

The City Compass Romania: Bucharest & Beyond 2016 edition is now freshly out in print.

More than 25 years since the fall of Communism, Romania seems to have truly come of age. This 8th yearly edition of the City Compass Romania: Bucharest & Beyond guide dives into the past to reveal the old, the forgotten and the recently remembered, and highlights changes in the Romanian society – from arts and culture, to politics and social life.


  • Back to Romania – Letters from Repats
  • Culture, traditions and places
  • Multicultural Romania
  • Changing times: society, politics, justice.

We’re not forgetting the practical sides of life – our regular chapters with places to visit across Romania have been updated, and so has been the Bucharest directory, including the highlighted Old Town, and Pipera – the expat neighborhood.

CC 2016 ipadThe expat letters in the beginning of this book bring diverse views of Romania, and so do the practical features such as life in the Romanian countryside, opportunities for expat spouses, or inspiration for family life in Romania, among many others.

The updated business directory contains places and businesses we recommend, or which come highly recommended by the community: restaurants, hotels, shopping, education, transport, home & much more.

Over 20 contributors wrote content for this edition, or shared their recommendations of places to see and things to do in Romania. The book was coordinated by Corina Chirileasa – City Compass Media Managing Partner and founder of



The guide is available as an ebook on Amazon.



The new edition of the City Compass Romania: Bucharest & Beyond 2016 guide is now available in print and can be purchased from Anthony Frost bookshop, Carturesti, and from My Romanian Store (6 Episcopiei St., Bucharest)

To buy copies of this book, you can also email [email protected]. We will offer discounts for companies that buy several copies.

Browse through topics in the table of contents below. Scroll down for a gallery of pictures from our launch event, where over 100 guest joined to celebrate a new edition of the guide.

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Check the alphabetical index of the guide here and here.

Photos from the launch of the new guide; November 25, 2015, Noblesse Palace in Bucharest.

Photos courtesy of Kathrin Weident, Alexandra Pasca & Mihai Constantineanu.

Cotroceni: the place of Romanian royalty

As old as the 17th century, the Cotroceni complex in Bucharest has its beginning tied to the local prince Serban Cantacuzino who built it, west of Bucharest, between 1679 and 1681. Standing out within the complex, which is today the residence of the president of Romania, were the church, similar to the episcopal church in Curtea de Arges and the palace, built according to baroque architecture, typical of the Western Europe civilization of the time.

The complex was modernized during the rule of Prince Barbu Dimitrie Stirbei, who in 1852 establishes the Cotroceni gardens, one of the largest in the capital. French architect Paul Gottereau built the princely palace between 1893 and 1895, redone after 1977. A new wing was added to the palace at the same time, hosting today the headquarters of the Romanian presidency.

Through time Cotroceni served as residence for the local princes. In 1895, the newly built palace was meant for Ferdinand de Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. After the 1918 union, Queen Marie left her mark on the palace, with various improvements bearing her artistic vision.

Those visiting the Cotroceni can get the opportunity of finding out more not only about the many landmark events in local history that took place here but also see its many and varied parts. These include the old royal cellars, the pavilion, the annexes of the palace (the garage, the gardener’s house), the military buildings, the chapel, the royal train station, several funerary monuments and the extensive gardens. All in all, plenty of history on site, the only residence in local history that kept its initial purpose for such a long time.

The museum is open Monday to Sunday, from 9.30 to 17.30. Visits can be made only with previous appointment, in groups of maximum 15.

Photo source: Wikipedia

Intercultural Consulting new partnerships and services

We offer in integrated training concept combining Romania-specific intercultural business and cultural insights with an emphasis on facilitating the interactions and operations of your employees.

We are proudly announcing our partnership with ICUnet.AG, European leader in cross-cultural management.



>  Matching of international working styles

> Clear mutual expectations

> High-performing teams


Our 7 promises

–> We tailor our trainings

–> We know Romania

–> We generate solutions

–> We facilitate operations

–> We understand cultural differences in business

–> We understand your business needs

–>You benefit from our experience with over 400 projects for over 50 customers in Romania


The 6 most requested approaches, solving the 6 most frequent business needs


„Working successfully in a multinational corporation“

­Your request: Onboarding of junior talents at your multi-national corporation

Solution: Your employees meet specific expectations of international customers and colleagues even better

Content: Develop excellence at pro-active communication, sense of responsibility, customer-orientation, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Business Target: Increase customer satisfaction, reduce conflicts and escalations.


„Excellent performance at international meetings“

Your request: Confident and successful presentations of your employees at international web-conferences and meetings.

Solution: Provide strong presentation skills for your team members

Content: Clear understanding about international audience expectations, and ways how to meet and exceed them.

Business Target: Increase the standing and the visibility of your Romanian site within your corporation.


„Leading Romanian Teams successfully“

Your request: Romania-specific leadership skills (for expatriates).

Solution: How to lead and inspire Romanian teams successfully.

Training target: Develop cross-cultural leadership skills.

Business target: Create high-performing local teams.


„Cross-Cultural Facilitation for M&A“

Your request: Smooth international M&A integration.

Solution: Benefit from diversity as a strategic resource.

Content: Develop smart solutions for cross-cultural challenges.

Business Target: Reach a fast break-even.


„Successful Change Management“

Your request: Move your international organization from A to B.

Solution: Benefit from shining examples and don‘t repeat the epic fails of others.

Content: Win all involved people in favor of their new roles, tasks, responsabilities.

Business Target: Implement your new structure better, faster, smoother.





THILO BEYER, from Stuttgart is a passionate ‚business culture ambassador between Romania in Germany in both directions and both languages. He represents our first-rate cooperation partner ICUnet,AG. After graduating from Berlin and Iasi universities, he has supported more than 25 Western companies in Romania since 2006 – IT, BPO, automotive, retail, life science, finance, construction, FMCG etc. Together with his team of multi-lingual business culture experts from a wide range of backgrounds, he takes care for well-designed solutions with a clear international focus.


Volker MoserVOLKER MOSER, Co-founder and Partner, Intercultural trainer

Volker is a Partner and Co-Founder of City Compass Group and runs its media business services. He also works as a City Compass Intercultural Consultant and is specialized in trainings, workshops and consulting services, targeted to the needs of international executives and their families coming to Romania. Delivers in German, English and Romanian.


Bogdan Popa 2015


BOGDAN POPA, Cultural Historical Expert

Born, raised, educated, and currently living in Bucharest. Holds a PhD in History from the University of Bucharest and, as his title describes best, he is a cultural and historical consultant for City Compass. Been featured in several international TV-documentaries about Romanian history and delivers tours in English, German and Romanian.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more details or a personalized offer.