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How to prepare for a business call with Romania: first get the current time

International remote work and cross-country business deals are very common nowadays in Romania, where many multinationals have regional hubs, and an increasing number of foreign investments open up. So work or business calls between participants in different countries are frequent in Romania. How best to prepare for such calls?

While your research for such calls will vary with the content and the other participants in the call, there is one thing everyone should do: check the current time in Romania! (this is also valid for when sending emails to teams based in Romania, so you can adjust your expectation of an answer).

The Romania time zone is Eastern European Time Zone. Romania observes the Daylight Saving Time, so, depending on the time of the year when you check, the local time in Romania can be Standard Time or Summer Time.

Standard Time began on Sunday 29 October 2017, when clocks went back one hour. Summer time will start on Sunday 25 March 2018, when clocks go forward one hour.

For Romania, Eastern European Standard Time equals Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT) + 2 hours, while the Eastern European Summer Time equals GMT + 3 hours. If you frequently do business with Romania and are based abroad, it is best to mark the Daylight Saving Time dates in your calendar every year, as a lot of business calls confusion can happen around those dates, because not all countries observe the daylight saving time rules. You can find a useful list of Daylight Saving Times around the world on Wikipedia.


Finding the best Romania travel guide for your trip

For the experienced traveler, who might have already discovered much of this world, a small gem county like Romania is a must-visit. While many like to discover a country at their own pace, especially those which are already established tourist destinations, those who want to visit Romania might need a bit more preparation. Like any other gem, this one too takes a little work to discover its true beauty, which makes it all the while.

Even before setting foot on Romanian ground, you can do your research to find the right way to discover Romania, suitable for you. Buying a Romania travel guide is probably high on the list of everyone looking to travel here. We’d recommend the City Compass Romania travel guide: it is written by both locals and foreigners who actually live in the country and know their way around (unlike other travel guides where the writer is as much of a visitor as you will be). Not only will you discover the local views and recommendations for cities in Romania to visit, but you will get the inside look into the culture and society. This will help you better enjoy your time in Romania. You can have the hardcopy of the guide delivered anywhere in the world, or instantly download the ebook from Amazon. 

In addition, you could also hire a Romania travel expert to tailor the whole experience for you, so you can decide what to do and what to see in Romania long before coming here, as well as leave some things for the spur of the moment. We recommend these Romania travel experts, who have created from scratch many Romania tours based on the visitors’ interests and wishes.

How to find reliable Romanian daily business news in English

In a world of abounding information about everything, one would think it should be easy to find out essential, day to day information about a country one is interested in investing in, such as Romania. Yet, the abundance of information also means a lot of misinformation, so choosing a reliable source is of the essence. And it also means dedicating a lot of time to finding the right info.

So, how does an investor or foreign CEO figures out what really happens in Romania on a daily basis, without losing too much time? And without the need to speak the local language, and sometimes, without even being there physically all that often.

The solution is to have a daily dose of Romanian daily news in English, put together by reputable journalists – after all, they know the sources and check the news cycle often than anybody else; it’s their job. You could hire a full-time journalist for your company to do this, or, for a fraction of that cost, receive the Romania Daily Press Review in English. A team of professional journalists selects the most important news of the day, in business, social and politics from Romania, and send you brief summaries in English, every morning.

If you prefer to read the main topics on a weekly basis, they also send a weekly bulletin via email every Friday. Either of the bulletins will provide the much-needed batch of Romanian business news in English.

Those interested in more than business news or who are happy spending more time scanning the news can head to, the most read online portal for news and features about Romania.

How to find a high paying job in Romania

Whether you’re a foreigner considering a move to Romania from anywhere in the world, if you have already moved here (alone or with your family), or if you’re a Romanian expat looking to return home, fret not on the job front. You have high chances of finding high paying jobs in Romania as a foreign language speaker.

So, how do you find a high paying job in Romania?

A first idea is to check the many multinationals offering jobs in Romania. They are hiring on a constant basis, for different divisions, so various skills and work backgrounds could fit in. Those speaking foreign languages, and especially natives, have more chances landing some jobs than locals. The latest jobs in Romania are not only in Bucharest but in Western Romania as well – Cluj – Napoca, Timisoara, Targu Mures, among others.

For example, in this new career section for Romania, you can search for jobs in various fields and different cities across the country. New jobs are posted frequently, and foreign languages are very much sought after.

Secondly, the better connected you are, the higher the chances to hear about a good job fitting your experience. Make friends, both locals, and foreigners. Romanians love to help out by introducing or making connections, so you can be open about your target of finding a job in a certain field. Eventually, somebody will know somebody else who can get you a meeting with a person who’s hiring. A good place to start making friends is at Internations events, which are also being organized in Bucharest.