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  • Second Porsche center in Romania to open in Cluj May 20, 2024
    German car manufacturer Porsche announced it will build a second center in Romania, specifically in Cluj. The architectural project for the new space has been approved, and the construction is in the authorization stage at the moment.  The company also owns an authorized service center in Timișoara. The Porsche management believed it was the right moment […]
  • Courier company Cargus opens new hub in CTPark Sibiu May 20, 2024
    CTP, a leading developer, owner, and manager of industrial and logistics properties in Europe, expanded its partnership with Cargus, one of the most important courier companies in Romania, with the inauguration of a new location in Sibiu. The warehouse, recently delivered within CTPark Sibiu, covers 3,000 square meters within a larger building totaling 9,000 sqm. […]
  • Romanian startup Remote Butler attracts EUR 50,000 in first funding round May 20, 2024
    Remote Butler, an IT startup founded in 2022 in Cluj-Napoca, attracted investments worth over EUR 50,000 in its first round of financing from private investors. This comes on top of the company’s initial investment of EUR 40,000 in developing the app that allows registered waiters to practice their profession regardless of their location. Ciprian Costea, […]
  • First bear-resistant bins in Romania installed in Transylvania town May 20, 2024
    Several bear-resistant bins, the first of this type in Romania, were put into use at Băile Tuşnad resort in Transylvania with the intention of keeping bears from rummaging through the leftovers. Bear-proof shelters, also necessary for human-bear cohabitation in many Romanian towns, have not been installed yet. "These have been tested on bears in Slovakia, […]
  • District 4 City Hall plans new airport south of Bucharest May 20, 2024
    District 4 of Bucharest will set up a company together with the neighbouring Giurgiu county local authorities to develop a new airport under an investment estimated at EUR 2 billion, announced district’s mayor Daniel Baluta - expected to hold his seat after the local elections this June. The results of the pre-feasibility study will be […]
  • Revenues of Romanian telecom operators stagnate at EUR 3.4 bln in 2023 May 20, 2024
    The revenues generated by the telecommunications operators in Romania stagnated at RON 16.9 billion (EUR 3.4 billion) in Romania amid diverging dynamics of the number of subscribers in separate segments, according to a report published by the National Authority for Communications Administration and Regulation (ANCOM).  Out of the total, fixed and mobile internet generated 37% […]
  • Romania’s e-commerce market up 10% y/y to EUR 7 bln in 2023 May 20, 2024
    The value of goods purchased by Romanian customers from local and foreign online stores increased by 10% y/y to EUR 7 billion in 2023, according to the estimates of GPeC, ARMO, and the main players in the sector quoted by This amount does not include the online purchase of services, utility bills, digital content […]
  • Romanian households’ installed photovoltaic capacity matched that of PV parks May 20, 2024
    The capacity of the PV panels installed by Romanian households (prosumers) reached 1,554MWp at the end of February, according to the head of the market regulating body ANRE, George Niculescu, and reached 1,650MWp currently, according to sources quoted by The figure nearly matches the capacity of the dispatched PV parks operating in the country’s […]
  • Moldova’s largest bank reports rising earnings as it prepares to list shares in Bucharest May 20, 2024
    Moldova's largest financial group, Moldova Agroind Bank (maib), which plans to list its shares at Bucharest Exchange, reported its net profit increased by 50% y/y to MDL 349 million (EUR 18.1 million) in Q1.  The bank’s listing depends on legislative amendments in Moldova related to the mandatory disclosure of shareholders that turned particularly restrictive after […]
  • Romania's telecom group DIGI launches operations in Belgium May 20, 2024
    Romanian telecom operator DIGI Communications (BVB: DIGI) is launching operations in Belgium in partnership with Citymesh (part of IT group Cegeka), the mobile services being for the beginning provided partly through the network of the local operator Proximus, according to DIGI Belgium said it plans to "shake up the market" from the very beginning […]