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Pay road taxes online

Scala Assistance company sells online rovignettes (road tax) for Romania by website and for Hungary on All certificates purchased through these websites are delivered electronically with no postage taxes.

The website also provides information on taxes for using Romanian national road network, legislation and other daily updated information.

The system is easy to use and is the same for individuals or businesses. For legal entities, however, is easier if you sign a cooperation agreement. Thus, the ordering part as well as the payment is easier.

Regarding any police controls, drivers who own electronic rovignettes can sit calmly, as the only thing they need to have on them is a document that certifies the payment.

The price is legally regulated and is the same as if you buy it from gas stations or post office, with no commission and no hidden extra costs. Electronic vignettes can be purchased by debit or credit cards, and by bank transfer or internet banking. Issuing and sending the electronic vignette happens after online payment is confirmed by e-mail.

The invoice along with the electronic vignette will be received on e-mail. If it’s not issued in a timely manner, Scala Assistance will assume responsibility and pay any fines.

More information can be found here. The website is available in more languages.


Intercultural communication, more than words

Language is vital when communicating but it is just one of layers of culture an values.

Each language has in its DNA the core values and expectations of a society.

On a hierarchal society it is common to have different words to address people according to their position in the scale of hierarchy. In countries like Japan it is also relevant to consider in which position is the speaker or even its gender.

In Romania, hierarchy is also related to status, and when addressing someone it is important to consider not only the term which you are addressing them with, ‘Doamna’, ‘Domnul’, or if possible include the university degree, but also to consider the context.

In high context cultures, the message is as important as the context. Even when using the respectful terms from above it is also relevant to consider where are you, who else is in the room and why you are addressing this person.

In Romania, there is a difference when you say things in public, in person, by email or in private, even if what has been discussed is the same, the actions and reactions will be different according to the layers of context.


Skiing and Snowboarding in Romania

If you are looking for a ski destination which combines great affordable beginner and intermediate skiing set against a sparkling tree lined backdrop together with good facilities and bags of culture, then a ski getaway in Romania should really be at the top of your list.

The main ski resort in Romania is Prahova Valley. It is the place most Romanians – and foreigners – choose for their winter holidays. If you plan to go there, choose one of the resorts on the valley and book in advance. Make sure you check the holidays offers as prices usually go up during this period, depending on what you want to include in your stay.

Other ski slopes can be found in Azuga, Sinaia and Straja Resorts, but for a weekend getaway Poiana Brasov in the best choice.


Bio Fresh vegan restaurant

Since August 2013 Bucharest’s gastronomic landscape has been enriched with this Bio Fresh Vegan Restaurant. Located in Leon Voda 19, BioFresh is a vegetarian and raw vegan restaurant, with a diverse menu, that serves made-in-house- to-order dishes with all fresh ingredients and organic spices, without additives or preservatives, all to support a healthy lifestyle.


The restaurant features three menus: daily, regular and evening. Almost all desserts contain honey, besides that, no other animal ingredients. Jazz nights are organized on Saturdays, while free wi-fi and outdoor seating are available. It is also and wheelchair accessible and accepts credit cards.


Saint Nicholas and Christmas fairs in Bucharest

This year, the city will switch on its Christmas lights on the day of Saint Nicholas. So, on December 6, starting 18.00 the main avenues and streets of downtown will be lit in a fairy tale atmosphere and will remain like this until January 6.

Also, at Universitate Square, at the statues venue, the holiday season will begin with a Christmas fair where visitors can find the perfect present for loved ones. Activities for children, and folk performances will enliven the area for a month.


It’s true that the Christmas Gifts Fair from Dalles Hall usually begins on December 24, but these days the exhibitors are prepared specifically for Saint Nicholas day. Gingerbread, candy and wooden toys will be on offer for its visitors (free entrance).

And yet another unique surprise awaits people on December 6 at George Enescu Square in Bucharest. The first grocery ice store in the world will be launched on Saint Nicholas day at 16:00, staying open between December 6 and December 4. The store is supported by the Bucharest City Hall and Polish Embassy.


Christmas trees in installments

This season, Silva Group Romania (SGR) offers the opportunity to buy Christmas trees in installments. Winter trees can be purchased directly from trade shows organized in eleven places in Bucharest, Brasov and Ploiesti, as well as from the online trading platform company, In addition, customers will benefit from an SGR discount on trees for Christmas.


Starting December 5, 2013, Silva Group Romania customers can opt to pay for Christmas trees in six monthly installments. The installment payment option is available this year for holders of credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank. In their exhibitions, the company will put on sale around 45,000 trees cut natural or root. The trees can also be ordered online via the site, which includes free delivery in Bucharest and the rest of the country. Silva Group Romania enables both payment card at the point of sale and online.

Also, offers discounts up to 50 percent on winter trees to clients who order on Friday, December 6, the Green Friday (Friday Green). More details here.

Photo source: Real Christmas Trees Direct (



Where can you practice tennis in Bucharest during the cold season.

We can only be happy for our Romanian tennis player Simona Halep, whose outstanding performance this year has resulted in five tournament wins, most recently on Sunday, November 3 against Australian Samantha Stosur in the WTA Championships final in Sofia.

In case you feel like following in her footsteps or have children who love the sport, we’ve listed a few places where you can take tennis lessons or play in Bucharest after office hours or on the weekend.

It is indeed a little more expensive than other sports, but the city is large in terms of sports and tennis clubs so there are plenty of options.

BNR Arenas

Probably the best-known space when it comes to tennis in Bucharest, BNR Arenas has 11 tennis courts plus the main arena. Here the access is based on the badge.

National Tennis Center

In addition to the 10 clay courts and the 3 fast surfaces, there is also a tennis court in the room and some of the land is covered with a hot air balloon. The rental price varies between 30 and 60 RON (night) for a period of 55 minutes.

Tennis Club AMG

Tennis Club AMG is organizing initiation courses for children to start at the end of this month in the following age groups: 4-7 years / 7-10 years / 10-14 years. Court rental price varies between 35 RON and 50 RON during the week. On the weekend the rate is 35 RON / hour.

Other Tennis centers: Club Livone, Club Galaxy Best