Banking & money wire in Romania

Banking for foreigners has become easier in Romania: opening an account and getting a decent level of service, comparable to Western Europe, is no longer a problem in Romania. For most banks, it is fairly easy to open a bank account with your passport and a document which proves where you live. Others also ask you to have a personal identification number (Cod Numeric Personal – CNP) before opening a bank account in Romania, for which you will have to register at the Foreigners’ Registration Office.

Chip and pin cards are normally accepted at all cash machines. ATMs distribute only the local currency, the RON (new Romanian lei). There is only one bank – ING, which has an ATM for EUR – check the list below for details. Most large shops offer the possibility to pay by card, but always be prepared with some cash as many stores still prefer the cash only options.

Romanian banking fees are fairly high compared to many other countries, Western Europe and the US in particular. For small but frequent payments you can also look into PayPal.

For cash money transfer, you can use Western Union and MoneyGram. If you would like to obtain a Romanian credit card then you will need to apply for a card limit, submitting an income statement (‘Adeverință de venit’ in Romanian) certified by a public notary.

This section includes the largest banks in Romania based on assets. You can find a wider selection on the Romanian Central Bank (BNR) website