Bucharest road network & traffic

The main (and most congested!) boulevards are Calea Victoriei, Ștefan cel Mare, Buzești, Unirii Blvd., and Șos. Mihai Bravu. The traffic in Bucharest has improved since the opening of the 1.9 – km Basarab flyover.

Driving in Bucharest is not the easiest task, although we have heard of more hectic driving in other countries. Traffic is a problem here. Some of the streets are also bad, so expect potholes.

The rush hours – mornings and end of work day – are sometimes impossible, while some routes are clogged with traffic all day- Splaiul Independenței, Calea Victoriei, Piața Unirii, Bălcescu Blvd. Magheru Blvd., Piața Romană and Piața Victoriei. Sometimes drivers do not respect traffic lights, nor do they see anything wrong with driving off road or parking on the pavement! The biggest challenge, apart from getting used to these in the first place, will be to stop yourself from doing the same after a while!

Avoid going from south to north during rush hours. Expect to hear a lot of honking while driving, especially during traffic jams. To check for the state of traffic in Bucharest, check Google maps and its Traffic feature for Bucharest. It also shows traffic on the main highways in Romania.