Electricity Bill

You can pay utilities bills in Romania in various ways. For most of them you will need to have the actual paper invoice. But most of them can also be paid via bank transfer – provided you have all the needed details on your bill – client code and invoice number.

  • In cash at most banks. Check with your bank what sort of utility payments they can receive
  • In cash, at PayPoint locations –  ro-en.paypoint.com
  • Online, through your bank account
  • Online, by card, on the service providers’ website is they offer this option
  • By card, at various banks’ ATMs



On the invoices the bank account is listed on the upper left part of the bill. Many bills also have barcodes that can be used at ATM or bank branches. Check with your bank for more information on these services.
In Bucharest, the company that provides and distributes electricity is called Enel- the former state-owned Electrica Muntenia.

Every month a collector comes to read your meter and returns a few weeks later to hand you your bill, which you can pay straight away. Alternatively, you can pay your Enel bill at their payment centers, Customer Relations Centres (CRCs) with payment centers, post offices and at Citibank with a payment order.
With an account, you can pay this and other bills at various bank branches, and also through an online bank transfer.

Make sure you always write your client number and the invoice number in the subject!
Enel has also introduced a service which allows you to give the company your current meter reading by phone. Dial toll free: 0 800 07 08 09, enter your client number, which can be found in the center of the bill (“codul dvs”) , then the last month’s reading, and the new reading.

Electricity Bill Payment Offices – Sector 1
Address: 1. Braziliei Str. No.2-4 (CRC1 + payment office)
Phone: +40 21 230.18.80;
+40 21 231.86.09
Address: 2. Calea Griviei No. 198 (CRC8 + payment office)
Phone: +40 21 222.80.19;
+40 21 222.40.47

Electricity Payment Office – Sector 2
Address:  234 Stefan cel Mare St.
Phone: +40 21 210 33 01

Electricity Payment Office- Sector 3
Address: 20 Nicolae Gigorescu Blvd.
Phone: +40 21 340 07 68

Electricity Payment Office- Sector 5
Address: 127 Giurgiului St.
Phone: +40 21 450 34 87

Electricity Payment Office- Sector 6
Address: 74-92 Iuliu Maniu Blvd.
Phone: +40 21 430 09 04