The National Museum of Art in Bucharest will be the host of the exhibition “National myth. Art contribution in defining Romanian identity (1830 – 1930)”, curated by Valentina Enache and Monica Iancu, in collaboration with historian Lucian Boia.

The exhibition includes approximately 250 paintings, graphics, sculpture and decorative art, created between 1830-1930 by the most important artists of the modern era. The exhibition explores the ways in which these artists have helped define the national identity in a period full of historical events decisive for the state formation such as Revolution of 1848, Union Principalities in 1859, The Establishment of Charles I as Prince of Romania in 1866, the War of Independence 1877-1878, Proclaimed Kingdom of Romania in 1881, The Great Union of 1918.

Beyond the sequence of these historical events, the exhibition seeks to illustrate the main evolutionary path of modern Romanian art, both stylistically and thematically, pointing recurrent subjects or of iconic historical figures, for supporting the political edifice of modern Romania.

The exhibition will be also accompanied by events such as conferences, programs for families and thematic guides.

The doors are open every day from 11:00 to 18:00 until February 13. Free entrance.