An unusual event will take place this Sunday, February 1, in a subway station downtown Bucharest, during 14:00 and 16:00. According to Mediafax, around 200 people will “freeze”, turning into human statues.

The place where the event will actually take place is kept secret, in order for the event to be a complete surprise for subway travelers.

The organizing group includes tens of young people who want to bring the unexpected and creativity into crowded places in Romania’s capital, through various unusual flashmobs. This Sunday, they intent to surprise people rushing in the subway with the “human statues”. They will “freeze” for 5 minutes, trying to make Bucharesters smile.

“People are more and more hurried, distracted and frowned. We believe we can try, at least for one day, to make them see the world a little differently, to make them smile, to make them question themselves and to grant more attention to the quality of the time they spend. At this event, we expect as many volunteers as possible. They will be simple passers by, subway travelers who, at a certain hour and a certain minute will … freeze. Fortunately, not because of cold, and they will stay motionless for 5 minutes, after which they will continue their activity normally, as if nothing would have happened.” said Florin Bădiţă, the leader of the group, quoted by Mediafax.

Anyone wanting to take part in the event needs to fill out a form in advance, available on the facebook event, in order to receive indications regarding the meeting place.