Did you know that this Sunday, January 18, is World Snow Day? Here are three ideas on how to celebrate it with special winter sports activities.


Guided snowshoe hike in Cindrel mountains: on the trail of shepherds in Răşinari

January 17

This weekend, nature lovers and outdoor workout enthusiasts can discover by foot the beauty of winter in the Romanian mountains. A mountain guide is organizing a guided snowshoe hike in Cindrel mountains, Sibiu county. The hike on January 17 is planned to take for about 5 – 6 hours, it has an average difficulty level and a level difference of +/- 500 metri. It starts in Răşinari village and crosses Valea Dobrei, Capătul Drumului, Valea Muntelui, Râul Caselor and ends in Răşinari.

The participation fee is RON 50 per person and it includes the basic equipment: a pair of snowshoes and sticks. Participants will also need to be equipped with a 20 – 30 l backpack, winter jacket and trousers, winter boots, cap, gloves, sunglasses and lantern. For more details, check out the event page or their official website.


evadeazacunoi-ice-cimbing-romania-facebook-smallIce climbing on a frozen waterfalls in Făgăraș mountains

January 18

Ever tried an ice climbing? How about one on a frozen waterfall? This trail was created and is assisted by Relu Nica, a professional mountain rescuer with an experience in ice climbing of over 25 years. He is also the designer and constructor of the first ice hotel in Romania, the one from Bâlea Lake. The trail is set in Făgăraș mountain, on the Ciocanu and Orasel waterfalls, near Piscul Negru. The height of the waterfalls varies between 10 and 100 m. Regarding the difficulty level, organizers mention that this ice climbing is suited for anyone with a strong will.

The group’s meeting point is in Bucharest, at the foothill of Mitropolie (the Cathedral in Unirii Square). The group leaves at 7:00 and returns in the same location in the evening, around 19:00 – 20:00. The RON 160 participation fee includes the design of the climbing trail, technical assistance from a mountain rescuer, equipment (helmet, crampons for ice cimbing, ice hammer, harness, rope), a place for resting at the end and a portable heating stove. Transport from Bucharest can be made by personal car or by a rented van. For more details, check out the event page or their official website.


blunt-fakie-smallJibbing @ AMP Sesh in Voineasa resort, Lotrului mountains

January 17 – 18

For two days, Adrenalin Mountain Park in Ski Resort Transalpina will host a two-day event for jibbing and shaping snowboarding enthusiasts. The program includes short sessions on various elements (limited to 7, due to weather conditions), jibbing’n’shaping workshops, free tips’n’tricks, an integrated ski and snowboard test with equipment from several winter sports brands and Prized Jam Sessions. Saturday evening is planned for indoor fun, as all participants gather up at Dalia Club. More details on the Voineasa resort facebook page.