Schoenbrunn Festival Orchestra Vienna, together with baritone Michael Havlicek and soprano Elisabeth Pratscher will hold a concert in Romania on December 5th at Sala Palatului, starting 20.00.

Fans of classical music and particularly of Johan Strauss will get the opportunity to listen the orchestra play 18th – 19th century music, conducted by Guido Mancusi.

The Schoenbrunn Orchestra is known for its unified sound and its stage presence. It attaches great importance to Viennese-style interpretation of the pieces it plays and excels in interpreting the works of classical Viennese composers and Viennese music. The orchestra’s repertoire focuses on works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss and other composers of that era.

In addition to the regular concerts at the Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery, the orchestra tours internationally regularly, among others, in Japan, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

Tickets, priced RON 100 to RON 500, are available at

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