The National Museum of Art in Bucharest exhibits a collection of 40 engravings of 19th century artist Théodore Valério. Most of the engravings in the A French Traveler in the Balkans: Théodore Valério exhibition come from the first print runs and are representative for all his engravings, gathered under the name Souvenirs de la monarchie autrichienne. Suite de dessins d’après nature gravés à l’eauforte par Th. Valério. La Hongrie. Populations des provinces danubiennes en 1854. La Croatie. La Slavonie. Les frontières militaires. La Dalmatie, Le Monténégro (Paris, A. Pierron et A. Delâtre, 1855-1864).

Painter, lithographer and engraver Théodore Valério (1819 – 1879) was the interpreter of ordinary people’s expressivity, turning realistic observation into anthropological science. Restless traveler, animated by a romantic state of spirit, and also a good connoisseur of classical tradition, he devoted his time to ethnographic study, mapping wilderness areas in the Balkans, some of them still unknown to Europe. His images overlap objective observational data of great documentary value with a unique style, marked by a visual poetry that singles him out among artists of his time.

Each section in the exhibition is accompanied by a short presentation of the ethno-anthropological types studied and made by the artist throughout his travels.

The ehibition can be visited at the National Museum of Arts from Wednesday to Sunday, during 10.00 – 18.00. Entry fee is RON 8 (the price is included in the entrance fee for the European Art Gallery). On the first Wednesday of every month, entry is free.