Romanian bands Rubik’s Cube and The Amsterdams will perform in a live concert that marks the opening of a new cultural hub named Alchemia this Friday, on January 25. During the same evening the opening exhibition “Profan, Product: Pro Domo” signed by Romanian artists Angel Negran and Dorel Topan will take place.

Located downtown Bucharest, with a surface area of about 300 square meters, Alchemia operates in a prewar villa, built somewhere between 1850 and 1900, on 95 Moşilor Avenue. Alchemia looks like a contemporary art gallery, a place where you can drink a coffee and read a book, a great place for live concerts, in one word, a place fro experimentation.

Using an entirely new concept, Alchemia is a laboratory for all those working in the creative industries. It is a place created for art exhibition, concerts, theater, and other cultural events.

The opening exhibition will take place from 20:00 to 22:00 and after 22:00 the concerts. Free entry.