Art Safari
May 15, 2014

Art Safari, the first professional and public art pavilion in Romania, will bring together over 100 galleries and art dealers, museums and cultural institutions, both from Romania and abroad, which will exhibit various artworks, from paintings and sculptures to jewelry, design and collectibles.

The event will take place between May 22 and May 25 in George Enescu Square, Bucharest, in front of the National Museum of Art.

Art Safari aims to facilitate the direct contact of the Bucharest public, including foreigners, with the authentic values of the Romanian heritage and contemporary art.

It also hopes to increase traffic in national and regional museums and appetite for cultural events.

Entry tickets at the pavilion will cost RON 15 for a day, and RON 20 for two days. The catalog will be sold for RON 30. The pavilion will be open daily from 12,00 to 20,00 on May 22 and 24, until 02:00 AM on May 23, and from 12,00 to 18,00 on the last day, May 25.