Artists from nine countries will participate at The International Festival of Animation Theater in Bucharest. Until November 23, performances, workshops and conferences coming from France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy, China, Croatia, Austria and Romania will take place at the Țăndărică Theater and partner venues.

See below which performances are in English, French or are nonverbal:

November 14, 18:00 – Nanouk the Wizard (Belgium)

November 17, 18:00- A ship on the waves: Odyssey (France), French/ English/ Romanian

November 19, 18:00 – Allegro ma non troppo (Spania), nonverbal

November 19, 18:00 – Birdie (Croatia), nonverbal

November 20, 18:00 – And who are you? (Croatia) – English

November 20, 19:00 – Tabula Rosa (Greece), nonverbal

Kids have four special workshops at the festival, held by artist Lea Rasovszky on November 16 & 22, each day from 11:00 and 13:00. They aim to encourage children to enter the story world and explore different characters and situations from the theater performance through color and poster graphics.

Check out the complete program of the festival here and follow updates on the event page.