The Silver Church Club in Bucharest organizes the second B’ESTFEST pre-party that aims to prepare the Romanian public for this year’s festival. Dubioza Kolektiv, also known as “Bosnia’s sensation”, is the band that was invited to perform in a live concert on March 27, starting 20:30.

Dubioza Kolektiv is a band from Bosnia known for playing several genres simultaneously, the result being an interesting mix of hip-hop, reggae, dub, rock and Bosnian folklore elements. The band was born from the need to advocate in the changes in the Bosnian society and to show the world that there is a normal life in the Balkans, regardless the stereotypes created by the media.

Many of their lyrics take over the idea of peace, tolerance, understanding, combining a strong criticism to injustice and nationalism.

The”Balkan Party” opening will be held perform Madame Hooligan, a US-Romanian band composed by Radu Almasan – vocals, Andrew Cebotari – percussion and David Ballon – guitar. They play alternative rock with Eastern European influences. So far they launched only one album in 2008, called “AntiHeroes”

Tickets can be purchased online from, or in the night of the concert at the gate and cost RON 40.