Powered by the Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normality, the project “Beautiful Romanians” gather 29 portraits of contemporary figures that will meet for the first time in an exhibition open to the public from 5 to 19 January in Verona bookstore. The exhibition is a part of the “Beautiful Romanians – gallery of values”, an approach initiated by the photographer Matei Buta in order to promote Romanians who are distinguished by their performance.

History, medicine, movie, theater, music, research, science, literature, folk art, theology, architecture, sculpture are just a few areas where these beautiful Romanians are active.

Matei Buta is a passionate portrait photographer, but he does not exclude any street photography. He served his apprenticeship in portrait photography in the U.S. and continues to train himself attending workshops regularly. “Beautiful Romanians” is his first exhibition project.