For three days and three nights, the Romanian capital will celebrate over half of millennium. There will be open-air parties, concerts with pop, traditional and alternative music, exhibitions, fairs, plays, costume parades, the famous “fight with flowers” on Kisselef street and 3D projections. During September 19 – 21, Piaţa Constituţiei, Piaţa Universităţii, Cişmigiu Park and the Old Town will become the “hot spots” of Bucharest Days.

The day before the event, on September18, the Gabroveni Inn (pictured), historical monument in the Old Town, which was consolidated, rehabilitated and modernized, will be inaugurated. The building is the new cultural center of the Capital. During September 19 – 21, the Inn will be open for visitors.

“rEvolution of Romanian Pop Music”

The biggest show will take place on the celebration day, on September 20, starting at 20.00, in Piaţa Constituţiei, where different generations of artists will perform Romanian evergreens as well as the latest hits.

iMapp Bucharest 555
The same day, at 23.00, the Palace of the Parliament will become a giant screen where iMapp Bucharest 555, a multimedia show unique in Europe, will be projected, and “DJ Open Air Party” will transform Piaţa Constituţiei in an open-air club.

Bucharest Fair
In Cişmigiu Park, one of the best-known places in Bucharest, the Bucharest Fair will take place and open-air shown will be performed by groups of the minority and national communities.

Alternative music at the University
Friday, Piaţa Universităţii (the area around the statues) will be transformed in a venue for an alternative music concert and an exhibition of contemporary installation art.

Bucharest dances in the Old Town, as the corner between Lipscani and Eugen Carada becomes an open-air dance floor. Artists will perform latino dances and will hold dancing classes.

Mogoşoaia celebrates Bucharest

“Palatele Brâncoveneşti” Cultural Centre in Mogoşoaia will host open-air plays and concerts on the beautiful lawn of the palace. Activities for children are included, such as a Formula 1 mini-circuit or creativity workshops for kids from Bucharest schools or from foster centers.
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