Photographer Fred Fogherty is exhibiting this month at the French Institute in Bucharest. Rucarest / Bucurestrada exhibition, curated by Mirela Momanu, can be visited until December 22 in the Institute’s Atrium.

Winner of the Magic Eye competition organized by the Bucharest Township, Fred Fogherty discovered his talent for photography in a journey around the world, carried out, just like the one of Jules Verne’s character, in 80 days. Today, his photography reflects his own vision of people and places around the world. His philosophy is to picture in a different way the cities of those who inhabit them, developing at the same time a fifth sense, that of an observer.

It took him some time to get to know Bucharest, says Fred Fogherty. As he did not want to tame it, but preferred rather to let its charm act upon him, just like a piece of music would.

According to the photographer, “this city can show you special images. If you know how to look at it, it will unveil its soul. Through this exhibition, I want to present my vision of this city that won me with its charm. My travels throughout the world allowed me to develop my instinct of anticipation of situations which may occur, a key-element in street photography. You will also find pictures of other places on the globe, revealing how full of surprises the world we live in really is.”

The exhibition is organized by the French Embassy and the French Institute in Bucharest.

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