Wildlife Romania 2016 is a new photography exhibition open at the Grigore Antipa Museum in Bucharest. It will stay open until January 3rd 2017.

The exhibition gathers over 60 works from the portfolios of nature photographers. It is the first edition at the event and it opened under the auspices of the eighth International Zoology Congress of the Antipa Museum.

The exhibition can be visited as part of the regular tour of the museum.

The local wildlife is very diverse, ranging from wild bears, wolves and lynx to the Danube Delta’s colony of white pelicans.

In October of the year, the Romanian Environment Ministry cancelled an order that allowed hunting almost 1,700 protected wild animals. As such, protected species such as brown bears, wolves, and wildcats will no longer be hunted in Romania. Romania has some 6,500 brown bears, 3,000 wolves, and over 10,000 wildcats, according to unofficial estimates, quoted by gandul.info.

Photo: Dr. Ionuț Ștefan Iorgu/ Muzeul Naţional de Istorie Naturală Grigore Antipa Facebook Page