The Bucharest International Air Show will take place July 30th at the Aurel Vlaicu Băneasa international airport in Bucharest, starting 10:00.

At the event, the Spanish air forces will fly on an F-18 Hornet, to be found on display on the Băneasa airport platform. The Ukrainian air forces will perform on a Suhoi Su-27 Flanker, while the Czech air forces will show their mastery on a SAAB 39 Gripen and L-159 ALCA, manufactured in the Czech republic. The US air forces will participate with F-15 Eagle aircrafts, only on display on the ground, while the Greek air forces with a Mirage 2000, also only on display on the ground.

As in previous years, the Romanian Air Club and the Hawks of Romania, Lithuanian aerobatic pilot and aeronautical engineer Jurgis Kairys and the Acrobatic Yakers (Iacarii Acrobati), the only air acrobatic formation in the country, will participate in the event.

Access to the event starts at 08:00.

Photo: Vlad Iosif/ Bucharest International Air Show Facebook page