Bucharest Science Festival
September 26, 2013

The night of scientists that will take place on September 27 in eight cities in Romania, on September 25 to 29, the Bucharest residents are invited to participate in the first edition of a Festival dedicated exclusively to science.

One of the attractions of the Festival will no doubt be the interactive exhibition for children “Experiment – Man and Life” (The French Institute, September 25-28). The exhibition is realized in partnership with Da Vinci learning and the French Institute and it wants to show kids how people are made and how the human body works. Using interactive models and microscopes, children will be able to find out what happens inside the human organism. The visitors will learn to identify different plants and animals and to discover how they adapt to the environment in which they live.

A series of experiments and demonstrations will take place during the night of the scientists, offered by the “Horia Hulubei” Nuclear Physics and Engineering Institute, Fun Science and Ikedoo.

The complete program of the festival can be found here.