Contemporary photographers, performance artists, musicians and composers are brought together by an event comprising a mix of arts: Butterfly effect, a photgraphy exhibition followed by a concert-performance, taking place at InSpayer on Tuesday, November 25, at 19:00.

Photographs exhibited at the event organized by InnerSound, Romanian contemporary art festival, were awarded this September at the same festival by Cosmin Bumbuț, well-known Romanian photographer. The exhibition will be followed by a concert of SonoMania, new music ensemble: Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet), Raluca Stratulat (violin) and Eugen-Bogdan Popa (cello), who will play works of Tiberiu Olah – Sonata for solo clarinet, Adrian Pop – “Gordun” for solo cello, Maurice Ravel – Sonata for violin and cello, second part, Igor Stravinski – Three pieces for solo clarinet and Sabina Ulubeanu – “Cadenza lirică” for solo violin.

In order to reach the concert, the public will first pass through a „waiting room” where Irinel Anghel’s performance will take place, an invitation to an unusual interactive experience, an adventure for both musicians and spectators: „Butterfly effect”. „Living art is fleeting, a butterfly playing on imagination’s ground and touching you even when you’re not aware of it.” explains artist Irinel Anghel.

Entrance at the event is fee. For more details, check out the event page.