Just before Romania’s National Holiday, on November 30, Alexandra Shine and Raluca Neagru, two former competitors in MasterChef’s third season, cook a Romanian dinner and invite fans to join their culinary celebration at Messa restaurant.
The menu is an homage paid to the Romanian cuisine, using ingredients common in the traditional recipes and transposing them into a contemporary, gourmet form that keeps authentic flavors.
Homemade pate, wrapped in duck lard, with pickles
Beans cream soup with crispy bacon and caramelized red onion
Pig ribs, fan-shaped popatoes with fresh herbs and pickled red cabbage with honey and mustard
Meringue cake with chocolate and almonds
(Vegetarian version available on request)

Menu price is RON 69 (EUR 15,5), for reservations you can contact the two at: [email protected] and +40 757 08 30 20.
Hosts announce they will receive guests with bread and salt, an old welcoming Romanian custom, and wearing garment of traditional inspiration. Participants are encouraged to wear something with ethnic Romanian motifs, like a ie or anything celebrating traditional Romanian art.
For more details on the event, check out the event page.