French DJ group, Chinese Man, is coming to Romania with its Once upon a time tour. The group will perform a live act in Bucharest this Friday, November 28, at 22:00 in Colectiv Club.

High Ku, SLY and Zé Mateo are Chinese Man, French band and record label mixing hip-hop, dub, afro-beat, baile funk, traditional music, house, jazz and reggae. The three Frenchmen are known for their nostalgic beats and obscure samples. The Friday night at the Colectiv Club will be warmed-up by DJ Sauce and Amon.

800 tickets will be available at the entrance on the night of the event, at the price of RON 40 (EUR 9).

Check out more details on Chinese Man on their official Facebook page. Updates on the event on November 28 are available on the event page.