The second edition of the UrbanEye Film Festival will take place between November 11th and November 15th at the Elvire Popesco cinema in Bucharest.

Besides the screenings, the festival aims to engage the public in conversations with the directors and invited guests, at workshops, debates and events for children. The directors coming to Bucharest for this year’s festival are: Eric Andrew Bednarski (Neon, 2014), Adam James Smith (The Land of Many Palaces, 2015), Francesca Molteni (Where Architects Live, 2014), Joe Gilbert (Streets in the Sky, 2015) and Nathan Eddy (The Absent Column, 2012). They will be joined by Giorgio Scianca, who created the largest database of film clips where the architect is featured as a character.

The films screened are grouped in thematic sections: Recent Patrimony, Urbanizations, Micro-spaces, The Life of the Architects. At the same time, a new competition section will show local films, inspired by local realities.

Children and teenagers will also have dedicated workshops and a contest where they will have the opportunity to use a camera to better understand the city and the community they are part of.

Photo source: UrbanEye Facebook page