Opened this weekend at Galateca, Anniversaire is a contemporary and design salon now at its second edition. Until December 24, it hosts an international selection of contemporary art, design objects and fashion design items, from books, decorations, paintings, engravings, sculptures to jewelry and fashion accessories. Each object acquired during the salon opening will have a 10% discount.

The artists and designers showcased at the salon: Ilina Schileru, Ioana Sisea, Alexandru Nimurad, Mircea Popescu, Aurel Tar, Simon Henwood, Andy Warhol, Timon Botez, Mircea Roman, Daniela Fainis, Predrag Popara, Elena Copuzeanu, Mircea Nechita, Vlad Tenu, Giulian Dumitriu, Pisica Patrata, Agnes Keszeg, Georgiana Chitac,Iulia Costache, Cristina Barsony, Murmur, Marie Nouvelle, Fandacsia, ZsaZsa, 2 Noir, Gabriel Geller, Carla Szabo,Una Ca Luna, TheCraft Lab.

Among exhibitors, the international home& deco brands are Iittala, Seletti, Muuto, Ango, Pols Potten, Leitmotiv and Remember.