Cristian Fierbinteanu and Plurabelle will present a Digital – pop live session on Saturday, March 23, at Green Hours 2 Cafe in Bucharest, starting 20.00.

Fierbinteanu is a digital-pop duo,from Romania. It consists of Gabriela Fierbinteanu (vocals) and Cristian Fierbinteanu (computer, bass, vocals). Their music contains elements of pop, electronic music, psychedelic, noise, ambient and sound collage. In 2012 they won the Antonin Dvorak’s music remix contest, organized by the Czech Centre in Bucharest.

Plurabelle is an electropop, synthpop, electro & house music project, founded by Alex Bala (computer, keyboard) at the end of 2011. Plurabelle released two EPs, ‘Money, Blood and Light “and” The Streets Were paved With Pastry ‘.

Fierbinteanu band and Plurabelle performed together in clubs, galleries and online radio stations in Bucharest, including the opening of indie-pop band from UK , France and Canada. In 2012 they played live in Prague.

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