Two prestigious names, DIVNA Ljubojević and Dan Puric, will meet in a high-class event to celebrate through an artistic act the most important event of Orthodoxy, the resurrection of Christ.The show is scheduled on Palm Sunday, April 28 at Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest.

Divna Ljubojević, known as the voice of angels, is a symbol of Serbia, the country that first met her dedication as soloist, conductor and teacher, and as soprano is appreciated worldwide. Along with the “Melody” choir, which she founded in 1991 and which will accompany her in Romania, Divna approaches a sacred and spiritual inspiration repertoire, ranging from excerpts from ancient works to contemporary compositions.

The unique vocal qualities allow DIVNA to assume the soloist position, both in church and in opera excerpts parts. She also stands as an educator, teaching solfeggio and choral singing at the “Amilly” Music Academy in France, the Netherlands and the UK.

Dan Puric is a big name in the Romanian music scene. A beloved actor and director, Dan Puric has been holding conferences since 2009 to support charitable demarches and to bring the public closer or to promote Christian morality.

The concert will begin at 20:00. Tickets are available to purchase on and Diverta bookshops, and cost between RON 250 and RON 150, depending on the category.