During October – December, the Antipa Museum hosts a “Colors of the World” series of drawing workshops for kids aged 3 to 5 years. The workshops are organized on themes and monthly modules of five sessions each, taking place each Saturday from 10:00 to 11:00. Throughout the 5 sessions, each module will focus on learning how to draw animals, using measurements and reference points. Teachers of the Agora Art Studio and specialists of the Grigore Antipa Museum will take part in the workshops.
From November 8 to December 6, kids can discover how to draw the beauty of “crowned” animals such as the lion, the black rhino, the African buffalo or the argali (sheep with corkscrew horns).
Held during December 13 – 20 throughout two sessions, the last module is dedicated to the polar animals and the Christmas tree. The theme of the first session is a postcard with the polar bear, the polar seal and the polar fox which kids will draw to send it to Santa. The second is a study on wild animals resulting in Christmas tree ornaments.
The fee for a module (5 sessions) is RON 200 (EUR 45), while for a session it is RON 50 (EUR 11). A limited number of 15 places is available for each module. Participation costs are paid in full at the Museum at least three days before the start of the module. For two brothers registered in the same module, the fee is RON 180 (EUR 40) for a child/ module. Necessary materials are included in the fee.
For more information and registrations, you can contact the museum by email at [email protected], or by phone at +4021 305 60 31 / +40729 074 127.