The second run of the Bucharest GreenSounds Festival will take place between August 21st and August 23rd in Herastrau Park. Over 25 local and international performers and bands will headline the festival which highlights live performances of alternative music. The festival will begin Friday, August 21st , starting 16.00, at the Roses Alley – Charles de Gaulle entrance of the Herastrau Park.

A second stage will be set up this year to promote local artists such as Les Elephants Bizarres, Blue Nipple Boy, Danaga, Toulouse Lautrec, Pistol cu capse, ZOB, Fantome, K-lu, JAZÚ and Fanas.

The festival will also feature a bazar with locally-made products, a lounge area, a space for international food products and other attractions.

Entrance to the festival is free. The full program of the event is available here.

Photo source: Bucharest Green Sounds Facebook page