This Friday, November 21, is the last day when you can enjoy a special menu celebrating the richness of  the simple, but savory dishes of the Romanian Black Sea coast cuisine at Cherhanaua Ancora, seafood restaurant in Herăstrău Park, in Bucharest. What seems to be at first a modest dish, the anchovies and the variety of Black Sea small fish, turns into a delightful discovery of the simple and comforting joys of the sea shore cuisine.

The team of chefs added just a slight urban touch to the traditional recipes. From the menu: anchovies marinated in house, spicy anchovies made after the restaurant’s own recipe, sprat marinated in wine, crispy anchovies with remoulade sauce, fried Black Sea red mullet, fried Black Sea scad on the stove or fried, fried Black Sea gobies, sardine fillet on the stove with salad mix. The menu is accompanied by Vinarte wines.