eXplore dance festival, the main and largest event on contemporary performance in Romania, is set to take place between October 3 and 26 in Bucharest. Promoting creative experiments and new forms of trans-disciplinary art, the shows introduce Romanian audience to nowadays voices of the European contemporary dance stages. This year’s theme is the contemporary body with all its political, emotional and social messages.

The organizers have announced more than 30 performances and workshops that aim to question the body presence and test the limits of technology versus art.

A special, unconventional section is addressed to youth and family. From October 13 to 26, WASP – Working Art Space and Production will hold performances and workshops of dance, theater, new-media, creative drawings and games meant for kids and teenagers.

The venues hosting the event are WASP – Working Art Space and Production and MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art.

The detailed program is available here.