Feeling at Home happens when you feel comfortable, when you have the tools to lead your team at work, when you have insightful information about how and why things work on a certain way. When you understand yourself better, in order to connect with the new place.

Setting up Romania

This is the first step to have a solid platform and start the process of Feeling at home. The avalanche of events happening when you are new in town can be overwhelming; your mind is on constant attention trying to understand all the new habits, language and more.

This workshop is a tool that provides you with insightful and relevant information to speed up the setting up process.

Workshop (3 hours)

Intro to Romanian mind set, history and key themes

Practical up to date info for daily living in Bucharest and Key places in Romania

Romanian traditions & Do’s and Don’ts

When: Wednesday 20th November

Time: 9.30 to 12.30 (i.e. the morning)

Where: Hotel Cismigiu, 38 Regina Elisabeta Blvd.

Cost: 45 euro (City Compass 2014 Guide included)

Book your place by sending an email to: [email protected] by Monday , November the 18th the latest.