A collection point where clothing can be donated opened in Bucharest in front of the building hosting the Czech embassy and the Czech center (11 Ion Ghica St.) The two institutions had the initiative to set up the point and will work with a series of NGOs to gather clothing and shoes to be donated for humanitarian purposes. Similar collection points can be found in over 90 cities and towns in Romania but this is the first one to open in the capital.

“In the Czech Republic, textiles make up 6 percent of mixed waste. The containers for textiles and clothing have a great potential for saving the environment,” explained Vladimír Války, the ambassador of the Czech Republic in Bucharest.

The recently-opened container in Bucharest will only take clean clothing, without defects and which can be redistributed because for the time being the technology needed to recycle textiles is not available in the country.

“At the start of the project we collected clothing to help refugees in the Serbia camp. We organized the entire process, announced it, shared the donations and took care of the transport. We realized that there was no such place in Bucharest where clothing and shoes would be collected for charity. We would like, by setting up the first container in front of our building, to inspire other organizations to set up similar collection points,” said František Zachoval, the director of the Czech Center in Bucharest.

Photo source: The Czech Center in Bucharest website