Looking for new flavors to spice up the autumn menu? This Friday, October 24, at 19:00, GUXT organizes a culinary evening starring the pumpkin, in all forms of recipes: from appetizer to main course and dessert. Known as a symbol of autumn and harvest, the pumpkin entered the European diet “only” about 500 years ago, after the discovery of the New World. It turned out to be a rather versatile ingredient for many cultures, being used to cook a wide variety of meals, from sauces, salads and side dishes to soups, main courses and desserts.

GUXT’s pumpkin evening will present a brief illustrated history of the pumpkin accompanied by music, a few courses cooked with passion and a selection of white and rosé wines. The menu includes: spicy pumpkin pasta served with tortilla chips, pumpkin cream soup with croutons and crispy bacon topping, Indian chicken curry with pumpkin and garam masala served with boiled rice and pumpkin cake with spices. The wine selection will include Bzyantium Blanc de Transilvanie and Bzyantium Euxine Rosé.

The price of a menu is 89 lei, while the menu accompanied by the wine selection is 119 lei. Reservations can be made on the organizer’s website.