Gallo Nero Dorobanti reopened following a EUR 100,000 investment, which entailed significant refurbishment and a change in management, staff and menu. The venue now benefits from the management and chef of the Decebal location.

The restructuring of the space was done by architect Victor Grosu, who looked to develop a contemporary style, adapted to the building and to the corporate area. The old bar was replaced by an area meant for the preparation of pizza, focaccia and home-made bread. The inside space can seat 50 people and was extended with a covered terrace of another 40 seats. The terrace is set to open end-March. The venue will also organize wine tastings two times a month.

The menu was adapted to the Italian specific of Gallo Nero and products that are now available in the Dorobati location are the Gallo Nero fish soup, the seafood pasta, the cozze and the Gallo Nero tagliattelle. At the same time, one of the chefs at Gallo Nero Decebal has been brought in the Dorobanti location.

Following the refurbishment and the planned terrace opening, the owners expect some 80 to 100 clients per day, generating a 50 percent increase in business.

Photo source: PR