Antonis Remos, the Greek pop singer known for the original way in which he combines elements of traditional laiko music with pop ones, will hold a concert in Romania on October 20th. The concert will take place at Sala Palatului.

Remos has three, platinum-awarded studio albums: Kardia Mou Min Anisiheis (2002), Mia Anapnoi (2003), and Kleista Ta Stomata (2011). His 2011 album Mia Nihta Mono won platinum distinctions twice.

Born in Germany, Remos moved to Salonic at age 12, together with his Greek-born parents. The experience of returning to the country brought added sensibility to Remos’s pieces.

The year 2008 brought him international recognition. He performed in Africa, Australia, and North America. The following year he was on tour in Belgium, Germany, Holland and Great Britain.

Two years ago, Remos performed alongside Julio Iglesias in a show set on Mykonos islands. The two performed as a duo Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

Tickets, priced RON 80 to RON 250, can be purchased at

Photo: Antonis Remos Facebook page