The International Festival Guitar Nights will take place in Bucharest between October 28th and November 30th. Headlining the festival this year are Italian Carlo Marchione (pictured), praised for his impeccable technique, and French Gabriel Bianco, one of the virtuosos of the new generation of guitar players.

Romanian musicians participating at the event include Cătălin Ştefănescu-Pătraşcu, Costin Soare and Bogdan Mihăilescu. The duo Olivia Iancu-Claudiu Lobonţ will deliver a recital using original instruments from the Baroque age, while Sorin Romanescu will give a jazz recital.

The opening concert will take place at the Bucharest Music University and will feature flute player Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu, playing a gold Muramatsu instrument.

Since the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Handel and Domenico Scarlatti is celebrated this year, each concert will include a piece by one of these composers.

Entrance to the events in the festival is free, within available seating. The full schedule can be checked here.