John Digweed show
February 21, 2013

John Digweed returns to Bucharest for an all night performance, on February 23, at Kristal Club. Along with the international artists will also perform the Romanian DJs Alex, Mircea Babescu and Mahony.

One of the few British DJ with residence in the United States, John Digweed has been active on the electronic music scene for more than 20 years. He is an artist who manages to reinvent himself periodically with fresh sounds and appearances. He is a popular DJ, but also a producer and promoter.

His “Kiss100” radio show is quickly coming up on its second year as one of the most successful dance music shows in all of England with internet broadcasts all over the world. It has achieved a near cult status with listeners trading CD’s and MP3’s of the various broadcasts across the internet. John shares his platform weekly by bringing in worldwide guest DJ’s.

The show in Bucharest will start at 23:00 and tickets are available in advance at network for RON 32 and in the night of the event RON 40 before midnight and RON 50 after.